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Welcome to DK's Pages!

These are the pages of the things that I'm involved with these days --
Music, instruments, and woodworking/instrument building.  Oh, did I mention music?

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Slingerland Stringed Instrumetns

Slingerland stringed instrument collection and research.

        The Wacky Keys

The Wacky Keys -- all music is Hawaiian!!

        DK's Wood Shop

This is the link for the spinning and weaving supplies I make --

Loveless Fiber Farm

This is the link for my partner Judy's Churro wool and sheeps.

        Guitar #1!

My instruments:
My collection & those I've built!


This is the link to a page of audio and video files that I've created.


This is the link to a page of links

        Tune It Or Die!

Self explanatory

        Over The Waterfall

Over The Waterfall -- oops!

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